Terms and Conditions


Cover Culture grants the Client exclusive license to use final design work for the purpose it was purchased without modification. 

Stock images are used in the design process. Cover Culture holds no responsibility if another designer uses the same images. 



All Client information is considered confidential and only for use by Cover Culture to complete any design work. Client information will not be given out or shared with any third party, unless otherwise requested by the Client.

If the Client decides to share a sample or the entirety of their book with Cover Culture to assist in the cover design, Cover Culture holds no responsibility if another author publishes a book with any similarities. Cover Culture will not share the writing sample with anyone and after the design is complete will delete all copies of the writing file. 

Cover Culture retains the right to use the Client's final design displaying author's name and book title on Cover Culture website and social media to promote our services, unless requested otherwise in writing. 

Ownership of rights

Copyright of all design work is retained by Cover Culture including final cover, concepts, proofs, illustrations and any promotional material (unless specifically released in writing). The Client will receive lifetime usage of any design work. Concepts, proofs and final files will only be supplied as PDF or JPEG files. The Client or another designer may not modify the files without written permission. 

Cover Culture will purchase images to use in the Client's design through a third-party image provider. Cover Culture will provide the Client with details on all main images used in the design. The Client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any images used. These terms will be supplied to the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to purchase an extended license for any images used if the cover exceeds 500,000 copies in print. 


Copyright of any exclusive cover art produced for the Client is retained by the artist. The Client will receive lifetime usage of any design work incorporating the art for the purpose it was purchased without modification.  


The Client is required to state “Cover Design by Kylie Sek at Cover Culture” in your paperback copy and ebook. If Cover Culture has commisioned an artist to produce exclusive cover illustration, the Client is required to state "Cover Design by Kylie Sek at Cover Culture. Illustration by (artist's name)"

Client responsibilities 

It is the Client's responsibility to proof any design work provided by Cover Culture for issues including, but not limited to, spelling errors and misplaced text. Additional fees of $45 AUD per hour will be charged for alternations once final files have been sent with one hour minimum. Cover Culture holds no responsibility for any expenses, costs or problems resulting from using the design work. 


Pre-made cover designs: Changes  outside the included text changes (title, author’s name, blurb, tag lines, shout lines) may be made to pre-made designs, such a colours and fonts, and are charged at a rate of $25 USD (approx $40 AUD) per hour with a minimum of one hour. 

Custom cover designs: Cover Culture is committed to working with all Clients to achieve the best design for their book and offers unlimited changes to the agreed upon concept before final files are delivered and within what is possible in Photoshop and using stock images or vectors. 

Cover Culture watermark will be removed from final files once full payment has been received. 


All prices are in AUD and will be converted to your country's currency when the payment is processed. All payments are processed through this website using third-party payment processing services (PayPal and Stripe). 

Prices are subject to change. Bookings guarantee current price at the time of booking. 

A 50% deposit minus the $30 USD (approx $50 AUD) booking deposit is required one week before the commencement of any custom cover design work. 

Final files will not be released until final payment is received. 

Refunds and Cancellations 

Booking fees are non-refundable. 

There are no refunds or exchanges on pre-made covers or promotional material. 

Once any custom cover work has begun, if the Client decides to cancel the project the Client will have no rights to any concept covers or proofs sent to them and agrees to destroy them. The Client understands that if they decides to cancel or stop a project after it has begun, they will lose the 50% non-refundable deposit.



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