Bookings are made on-line here and require a $30 USD (approx $50 AUD) deposit. There are a limited number of spots per month, so please book ahead. The design process begins at the beginning of the month, unless bookings are made after the month has begun provided spots are available, and are generally complete by the end of the month. 


A week before your booking, you will be sent an email requesting a deposit payment of 50% of the package price minus the $30 USD booking.  

Once your payment is received, you will be emailed a form to complete about your book, including essential cover details and story information, as well as a survey to determine your likes and dislikes. 



Once I’ve received your completed forms, I will design one or more concept covers within five business days. Think of these as rough covers. The idea is to find a cover direction that you are happy for me to continue with. If you're not happy with any of the concepts, I will happily design more rough covers until we find the right direction. 



Once a concept cover has been agreed upon, I will complete the cover and email it to you for feedback within three business days. I will provide you will a checklist to help you work through each aspect of the cover to make sure you are happy with absolutely everything. I do not set a limit on the number of changes you are allowed. The revisions are only limited by what is possible in photoshop. I'm not happy until you're happy. 



Almost there! Your cover is complete and you will be asked to pay the balance remaining. Once the final payment is received, I will email you the final cover files, as well as any other extras you have selected.