Custom Cover Design - Exclusive Cover Art

Cover Culture is proud to offer exclusive cover art. With exclusive cover art, a unique piece of cover art will be illustrated  by one of our artists just for you.  This is perfect for writers of fantasy genres who might have something very specific they want on the cover (eg a crest) that is not fully achievable with stock images. It is also a great option for writers of middle grade who might want a character of a very specific description on their cover. 

Exclusive cover art incurs an additional cost of $150 per cover. To book a custom cover with exclusive cover art, please contact us here. 

Meet our talented artists below and see their work.

Ramona Davey

Ramona Davey was born on the island of Jersey where the famous cows come from. 
She now lives in Sydney where she is a part-time Visual Arts Primary teacher. 
In her spare time she writes and illustrates books for children. 

Ramona is available to illustrate covers for middle grade and young adult.

See her artwork below for The Experiment.

Tamara Davies 

A graphic designer by trade, Tamara has illustrated for video and board games, book covers as well as working on art and calendar designs. 

A specialty in portraiture, she was trained initially in traditional mediums- oil and acrylic, before moving onto digital art. 

Tamara can create cover art for adult and young adult fantasy and romance.
She has a preference for bust and portrait work. 

See her artwork below for Renovation of Love.